Monsters Vs Aliens

Videogame film tie-in sales declined this year, says NPD

Sales data released from the NPD Group shows that videogames with film tie-ins saw a dramatic sales decrease this year in the US. According to an article in the L.A. Times, the downward slope for the top franchises for the year had varying factors leading to underwhelming retail performance. Activision and DreamWork’s Monsters vs. Aliens […]

11 years ago

Monsters Vs Aliens headlines

  • Monsters Vs Aliens demo for PC is everywhere

    PC users interested in playing as a teenage girl turned into a monster by a meteorite are in luck. The Monster Vs Aliens demo from Activsion is being hosted on FileFront, WorthPlaying and StrategyInformer. Featuring three playable levels, the taster shows what happens when monsters held at a secret government compound fight off an alien […]

    11 years ago