Monster World

PopCap and Wooga pull titles off Google +

PopCap and Wooga have pulled titles off Google+, less than a year after games launched on the social service. Wooga plans to pull all three titles Bubble Island, Diamond Dash and Monster World, by July 1. PopCap’s only title on the service, Bejeweled Blitz, will be pulled as early as next week. Both firms are […]

8 years ago

Monster World headlines

  • SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World coming to XBLA

    A listing on Xbox Live Arcade noticed by NeoGAF has Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World releasing on the service April 25. It comes bundled with Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy in Monster World and Monster World 4. It has leaderboards, Achievements and trial modes as well. No price just yet, though.

    8 years ago