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  • Medal of Honor Limited Edition announced with trailer

    EA’s announced a Limited Edition version of Medal of Honor, giving those who purchase it exclusive access to the MP7, a weapon utilized by Tier 1 Operators in the field.

  • Download the Medal of Honor PC Beta client on FileFront

    EA has announced that FileFront will be hosting the Beta client for the PC version of Medal of Honor.

  • Video - MOH's Greg Goodrich

    Greg Goodrich, the executive producer for Medal of Honor, was in London this week chatting about the game, and how the series is being revamped from it’s traditional WWII setting. The video of Goodrich is posted below the break, and while it doesn’t offer anything new in the way of details, it’s there for you […]

  • EA: PS3 lead development console for Medal of Honor

    EALA’s creative director, Richard Farrelly, has revealed that development of Medal of Honor’s being led on PS3 and that the team will “maximize” what the platform can do for the game.

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