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  • ModNation Racers TV ad gets the Butler treatment

    Look! It’s Kevin Butler. Dressed as a PE teacher and with a fake moustache for the TV ad for ModNation Racers.

  • ModNation Racers PSP: Final Track Studio tutorial series hits the net

    Over on the US PS Blog, Vernon Mollett, producer at Sony San Diego, has posted the final Track Studio walkthrough for ModNation Racers on PSP.

  • Weapons can change the course of a race in ModNation Racers

    Nick Letizia, game designer for United Front’s ModNation Racers, has posted an update for the game over in the US PS Blog, and in it, he talks about the weapons system.

  • ModNation Racers to bring fun back to the couch, says UFG

    United Front Games has explained the split-screen co-op bits for ModNation Racers over on the US PS Blog.

  • ModNation Racers gets four-player splitscreen

    United Front Games has included four-player splitscreen within ModNation Racers, the developer’s said.

  • ModNation Racers gets release date, Kratos, Ratchet, Nathan Drake as pre-order bonuses

    Like middle-aged men and golf, big-name videogame characters – regardless of their backgrounds or god-killing aptitudes – just can’t seem to stay away from cutesy kart-racing games. First there was Mario, then Sonic (and Banjo), and now Kratos, Ratchet and Clank, and Nathan Drake have undergone the necessary cranium-enlargement surgery to ride in tiny cars.

  • GT5, Split/Second revealed as Move compatible [Update]

    Update: Guess it’s not happening, then. The games are mentioned on every accessories page of the PlayStation site. Original Story: The US portal page for PlayStation Move has revealed some more compatible games for the motion controller, including some biggies.

  • New ModNation Racers trailer is sweet

    Sony’s released a new trailer for ModNation Racers. Get it after the break.

  • Screens - ModNation Racers PSP

    Sony has sent over some screens for ModNation Racers PSP, which was revealed earlier today.

  • ModNation Racers revealed for PSP

    SCEE’s revealed it’s bringing ModNation Racers over to PSP.

  • Reminder: ModNation Racers Beta starts today in Europe

    The ModNation Racers Beta starts today in Europe, and will be made available to the first 100,000 people who download the client.

  • ModNation Racers get EU beta from January 21

    Sony’s announced on the EU PS Blog that Europe will be getting its own ModNation Racers beta, starting January 21.

  • Rumor: ModNation Racers for PSP - no comment, says Sony

    A GameStop listing on the company’s website has PS3 game ModNation Racers listed for PSP and down for release in June 2010. Listed only as ModNation, when contacted Sony declined to provide any details. “Unfortunately, we can’t comment on rumors or speculation related to ModNation Racers,” a Sony rep told D’toid. This wouldn’t be the […]

  • ModNation Racers shots are looking good

    Some new shots of ModNation Racers has popped up on the interwebs. Find them at EG Portugal. The game is out next year for the PS3.

  • ModNation Racers video shows loads of customization

    A new video for ModNation Racers has popped up over on Kotaku, and it shows the massive amount of customization included in it. Looks like the possibilities are almost endless. It’s out next year, and is looking really fun. Hit the link for a watch.

  • Rumour - ModNation Racers beta underway

    TheGamerAccess is reporting that a beta for ModNation Racers is already underway. The beta for the game – which was announced at E3 at Sony’s presser from United Front Games – is most likely to be an internal affair for now as the site claims the beta was being played by a Sony employee. Gamers […]

  • United Front: We picked PSN for ModNation because it was free

    United Front Games producer Dan Sochan has said in an interview with Edge that the studio picked PS3 as the console of choice they wanted to release ModNation Racers on because of the fact the PlayStation Network is free. “As we were coming up with what we were doing and what we wanted to create, […]

  • Rumor: ModNation Racers coming to PSP

    Gamefly rental service has listed ModNation Racers on its website under PSP alongside the PS3 version. According to the retailer, both games are slated for February 28 and considering Gamefly has been known to leak games in the past, it’s a distinct possibility that the PSP version and the date are both true. Or, it […]

  • ModNation Racers debut video shows creation process

    The first trailer for ModNation Racers has arrived thanks to GameTrailers, and we have it posted for you below the break. It’s rather adorable, and shows off the loads of customization options with racers and the cars they will be driving. Also show, a bit, is the track customization. Looks fun. Go watch.

  • ModNation Racers allows you to create your own race track

    Yesterday, Sony announced a new franchise exclusive to PS3 from United Front Games called ModNation Racers. It’s all part of the whole play, create, share thing that LBP started and it’s a racing game. In it, you can create “whoever, whatever, and wherever” you want to race and Sony says it’s only possible on PS3. […]

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