Quick quotes: EA Sports refuses to rule out MMA sequel

“A world where we’re not involved in fighting is a world I’d rather not think about. That said, what goes on in the sport, and what’s gone on between the UFC and Strikeforce, certainly has an impact on what we can do in the space. I am, other than [EA Sports MMA executive producer] Dale […]

MMA headlines

  • PSA: MMA demo and Borderlands DLC now on XBL Marketplace

    The Major has posted on his blog reminders of a couple goodies now available on Xbox Live: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution DLC for Borderlands, and a demo for EA Sports’ MMA.

  • EA cancels MMA release in Denmark due to energy drink law

    Looks like Denmark will be missing out on the release of EA’s MMA due to the game featuring marketing for energy drinks.

  • EA Sports says there'll be "big announcements" for MMA at E3

    EA Sports has said via the magic of Twitter that there’s to be “big announcements” for MMA during E3.

  • New MMA vid features grunting, punching

    Shiny, sweaty men being very rough with each other. Let’s get it on.

  • New MMA shots from EA show exactly what you expect

    EA has released eight new screens for its MMA fight game. The shots, per usual, show men brawling, beating, and sweating.

  • EA adds three more to MMA fighter roster

    EA has tweeted that three more fighters have been added to the game roster for it’s MMA game.

  • MMA screens from GDC show blood, sweat, maybe some tears

    EA Sports has sent over a nice-sized stack of MMA images from GDC that complement the trailer released this week.

  • New MMA vid features fighting, men

    EA Sports’ latest MMA trailer won’t surprise you. It may well impress you, however.

  • MMA's Cung Le says "it's in the game" in comedic fashion

    EA’s released a video of fighting chap Cung Le doing motion capture for the upcoming MMA, ending with the muscle man saying “it’s in the game” with his best aggression face. It’s amazing. Watch it after the break. That’s it. EA Sports’ answer to UFC hits PS3 and 360 next year.

  • EA: Strikeforce to be featured as a premier league in MMA

    EA announced today that Strikeforce, a mixed martial arts fight promotion, will be featured as a premier league in the MMA game. In addition, Brett Rogers and Jake Shields have joined the roster of fighters with already announced Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal. The game will also feature the commentary of Frank […]

  • Randy Couture announced for EA's Mixed Martial Arts game

    EA has announced that Randy Couture has signed on to appear in EA Sports’ MMA alongside Fedor Emelianenko, Jay “The Thoroughbred” Hieron an others. “I have been a part of MMA for over 10 years and I am excited about the global visibility that a game like EA SPORTS MMA will bring to the sport,” […]

  • EA confirms first three MMA fighters

    EA’s announced the first three fighters for its upcoming UFC-facing MMA title, namely Fedor Emelianenko, Gegard Mousasi and Renato Sobral. Emelianenko is the cover star. Apparently he’s a mixed martial arts “big cheese”. He may as well be called “Bingo the Great” for all that means to us, but he looks very violent, so we’re […]

  • Peter Moore responds to pissed off UFC president

    Peter Moore has responded, sort-of, to Dana White’s angry ramblings regarding EA’s mixed martial arts game MMA and EA turning down a game based on the UFC in the past. “I know there has been some recent discussion about EA SPORTS bringing a challenger to this sport. I love mixed martial arts, and we’ve been […]

  • EA turned down deal with UFC, pissed off UFC president

    Back in the days before everyone and his curiously muscular little sister were getting involved in mixed martial arts, UFC president Dana White approached Electronic Arts about a potential videogame deal between the two companies. Apparently, that particular talk didn’t go so well. “EA Sports told us, ‘You’re not a real sport. We wouldn’t touch […]

  • Moore: Fight Night and MMA to alternate years

    EA Sports boss Peter Moore told Kotaku at E3 last week that its two major fighter franchises are now to alternate annual releases. “It gives us a rhythm of a fighting game every year,” Moore said. “That’s the plan. If you think of 2010, we’re bringing MMA. In 2011, Fight Night Round 5.” MMA was […]

  • [UPDATE] Martial arts game MMA announced by EA

    EA Sports announced a martial arts game that will be released in 2010. MMA will be compatible with MotionPlus. No footage was shown. Just the announcement. Bummer. [UPDATE] Press release is posted after the jump. Doesn’t reveal much more than you already know.