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League of Legends’ main financial backer investing in company hoping to bring MOBA to mobiles

Jason Citron, founder of OpenFeint, has announced an $8.7 million funding round for his new company, Hammer & Chisel. The funding will be used to help launch Fates Forever, a new tablet-only reinterpretation of the MOBA genre popularized by League of Legends.

7 years ago

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  • Facebook dev costs scaring off games investors, says venture capitalist

    Venture capitalist Mitch Lasky, a man with an eye for a rising star in gaming, has said Facebook is losing relevance as a money-making platform.

    8 years ago
  • Industry analysts claim investors are unhappy with EA management

    EA’s forecast for FY10 revealed this week has been met with disappointment from investors, according to industry and investment analysts who feel that something “drastic” has to happen to turn things around for EA.This lack of investor confidence has put CEO John Riccitiello in an unenviable position, causing Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey to state […]

    10 years ago
  • Lasky: EA has "destroyed over $11 billion in market value"

    Ex-EA EVP Mitch Lasky written a damning assessment of EA’s recent full-year warning on his blog, noting that over $11 billion of the publisher’s market value has been lost in the last three years.

    10 years ago
  • Perry's Gaikai service raises $5 million VC

    Big Dave Perry’s Gaikai game service has raised $5 million in venture capital funding, according to a US SEC filing uncovered by Gamasutra.According to the doc, Mitch Lasky, a former Activision exec and current partner at tech-investment firm Benchmark Capital, is a contributor.

    10 years ago
  • "$30 million budgets" killing innovation, says former EA boss

    Speaking at DICE in Las Vegas, Mitch Lasky – former head of EA Mobile and now a partner at Benchmark Capital, has blamed Sony and Microsoft for me-too trends in games development, not the grouping of smaller companies.“Don’t blame consolidation,” he said on the subject of lack of innovation in games. “Blame Sony and Microsoft […]

    12 years ago