ESA collects $65,000 in legal fees from Minnesota

According to this GI report, ESA’s announced that Minnesota paid $65,000 in legal fees incurred as a result of the association’s successful challenge to the state’s unconstitutional videogame law. “Minnesota’s citizens should be outraged at paying the bill for this flawed plan,” said ESA CEO Michael Gallagher. “Minnesota’s public officials ignored legal precedent and instead […]

12 years ago

Minnesota headlines

  • Federal court blocks Minnesota games fines law

    A federal appeals court has upheld a 2006 rejection to a Minnesota law restricting minors’ access to violent games. Under the proposed legislation, minors younger than 17 caught buying or renting video games rated “M” for mature or “AO” for adults-only would have faced a $25 fine. The judge blocking the law cited constitutional concerns […]

    12 years ago