Minesweeper, Majong and Solitaire to be released under Microsoft’s ‘Xbox Windows’ label

Windows classics Minesweeper, Majong and Solitaire will be the first titles released under Microsoft’s ‘Xbox Windows’ label. Spotted by Xbox 360 Achievements, the titles will offer 50 Gamerscore points when released on Windows 8 in October. The games will also be offered via the Windows 8 Surface tablet. Thanks, Eurogamer.

8 years ago

Minesweeper headlines

  • Minesweeper rumoured for XBLA

    Minesweeper is “rumoured” here as coming to XBLA, complete with four modes. Quite why anyone would want to buy this is beyond us, but different strokes, and all that. Apparently it’s going to announced by year-end.

    13 years ago