Minecraft Update 1.4

Minecraft update 1.4 pre-release now available

Minecraft update 1.4, also known as the Pretty Scary update, is now available for pre-release download to prepare”server admins and mod makers,” says Mojang. The developer said since the release of yesterday’s snapshot, a few bugs have been fixed and new sound effects for the Wither, bats, the anvil and the Ender Dragon have been […]

7 years ago

Minecraft Update 1.4 headlines

  • Minecraft update 1.4 to contain passive bats, new sounds

    Minecraft snapshot features have shown off a new mob. It’s a bat, and found in caves in the game. As in real life, they are only active during the evening and are passive creatures which will fly off when disturbed. If you decide to be mean and kill one anyway, they won’t drop anything – […]

    7 years ago
  • Minecraft update 1.4 to contain potted plants, dyes, more

    Mojang has teased a few more additions to Minecraft update 1.4, among these are potted plants and dyes for your hero’s clothing. Other goodies include a Night Vision potion, an invisibility potion, the ability to build narrower, cobblestone walls, picture frames, and a chance for zombies and skeletons to spawn with equipment. There’s plenty more […]

    8 years ago