Minecon 2013

Minecon 2013 tickets start going on sale today

Minecon 2013 tickets start going on sale today.

7 years ago

Minecon 2013 headlines

  • Minecon 2013 will take place in Orlando November 2-3

    Minecon 2013 will be held in Orlando, Florida. Tickets and hotel rooms will be on sale in July. The event will take place November 2-3. See for yourself in the Mojang video below.

    7 years ago
  • Minecon returns to US in 2013

    Although Mojang has no solid plans as yet, it intends to bring MineCon back to the US this year. “It’ll be in the US, that’s for sure. It’s most definitely in the US. That’s all I can say. I would like to tell more, but it’s not 100% certain so I can’t say anything yet,” […]

    7 years ago