Mind Zero

Mind Zero dev diary explores dungeon crawler’s back story

Mind Zero is due in the west at the end of May, but many of us don’t yet know much about the Zero Div and Acquire collaboration. This developer diary explains some of the supernatural thriller’s backstory.

Mind Zero headlines

  • Mind Zero gets first English-localised screenshots

    Mind Zero, which we’re thankfully no longer calling Mind≒0 (what even is that symbol), is coming west in May thanks to Aksys Games. The publisher has released the first English localised screens, showing off the gorgeous 2D Japanese art, incongruous roman alphabet text, and are-you-sure-this-isn’t-a-3DS-game in-game graphics.

  • Mind Zero heading west in May, according to GameStop listing

    Aksys Games will release Mind Zero on Vita in the west come May 27, according to a GameStop listing which was promptly pulled by the retailer.

  • Mind Zero gets another new character, fresh screens and trailer inside

    Mind Zero developer Acquire has revealed another new character for its PS Vita dungeon crawler. This time he’s a suspicious-looking sort with long white hair, and his ‘Mind’ spirit appears to be an elf woman. As you were then.

  • Mind Zero gets new gameplay trailer and character reveal

    Mind Zero developer Acquire has released a new gameplay trailer for its PS Vita dungeon crawler, this time showing off some combat in action, as well as a new character and her freaky-looking ‘Mind’ spirit.

  • Mind Zero gets new prologue and battle system trailers

    Mind Zero developers Acquire – of The Last Guy fame – and ZeroDiv have released two new trailers for their spirit-summoning dungeon crawler. The game is currently in development for PS Vita and seems to pander to the Persona crowd, which is no bad thing I’m sure fans will agree.

  • Mind≒0 dev Acquire releases new trailer: shows dungeons, battles & more

    Mind Zero developer Acquire has published a new trailer for its PS Vita dungeon crawler, this time showing off new locations, battles and much more.

  • Mind Zero Famitsu scans show off new characters

    Mind Zero developer Acquire is up next in this week’s issue of Famitsu. The mag has published some chunky character art and one – count them – gameplay screen. The characters seem new though so that’s something to get excited about if you’re keen on the game.

  • Mind Zero: Acquire opens teaser site for PS Vita dungeon crawler

    Mind Zero was announced by The Last Guy developer Acquire earlier this week. It’s a PS Vita dungeon crawler that sees school kids and detectives summoning spirits to help them fight. The studio has now opened a teaser site for the game.

  • Acquire reveals dungeon crawler Mind Zero, isn't The Last Guy 2

    Mind Zero is the new game from The Last Guy developer Acquire. Rumours last week suggested that the studio was making a follow-up to its top-down survival horror title, but instead it unveiled a school-based dungeon crawler split between two planes of existence. So quite, quite different then.