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  • MotoGP 13 trailer gives our first proper look at series revivial

    MotoGP is back, thanks to former developer Milestone Studio, and is looking pretty sweet in this first batch of gameplay footage.

  • MotoGP 13 will have splitscreen and at least five modes

    MotoGP 13 will support splitscreen multiplayer, along with Grand Prix, World Championship, Time Attack, Sprint Season and Career modes, according to a report on MotoGP Records. No further details were given, but game director Michele Caletti said Milestone’s focus is on “pure realism”, and the decision to include splitscreen multiplayer was inspired by fan feedback […]

  • MotoGP 13 announced for June release

    MotoGP 13 is in the works at former franchise developer Milestone Studio following the closure of MotoGP 10 and 11 developer Monumental Games.

  • Namco Bandai to publish Motocross game in the U.S.

    The Milestone developed MUD – FIM Motocross World Championship will be published by Namco Bandai in the U.S. and will be released on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 as well as PlayStation Vita.

  • WRC 3 East African Safari Classic DLC on consoles now, see it here

    WRC 3 has received a new batch of DLC on PS3 and Xbox 360 today, courtesy of developer Milestone. The pack adds the long-running East African Safari Classic rally into the mix. See the pack’s gameplay trailer below.

  • WRC 3 launches on PS Vita, handheld features & free DLC listed

    WRC 3, the rally sim from developer Milestone has launched on PS Vita today. The developer has issued a list of all of the handheld features you can expect.

  • WRC 3 out today, watch the dub-step launch trailer here

    WRC 3 launches on PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC today, and developer Milestone has released a trailer to mark the occasion. Yes, it has dub-step in it, but look at all the cars.

  • WRC 3: final gameplay trailer heads to Mexico

    WRC 3 gets a new gameplay trailer from Milestone, showing off high-speed gameplay around Rally Guanajuato, Mexico. It’s a challenging game too, so ans of proper rally simulation would do well to check this one out.

  • WRC 3 demo hits PS3 today, Xbox 360 Friday

    WRC 3 developer Milestone will launch a demo of its rally title on PSN today, followed by an Xbox 360 version on Friday. Check out the full demo contents here.

  • WRC 3: new screens show Mexico and Sweden tracks

    WRC 3 has received a new batch of fast and dirty screens, courtesy of developer Milestone. The shots reveal the in-game recreations of Rally Guanajuato Mexico and the Rally Sweden, along with several car models.

  • WRC 3 takes a cruise through Argentina in new gameplay footage

    WRC 3 includes one of the most notorious racing events in the world – the Phillips Rally in Argentina. Check out Milestone’s take on the famously tough track through the break.

  • WRC 3 dev diary talks style and graphics

    WRC 3 developer Milestone has released its first dev diary, showing off some fancy new visuals and different environments. Vroom, vroom!

  • Quick shots - Monte Carlo is a winter wonderland in WRC 3

    Milestone staff travelled to Monte Carlo to collect reference materials in the developer’s quest to ensure World Rally Championship 3 is as authentic as possible.

  • Two lovely WRC3 shots show a Ford and Citroen

    Milestone Studios and Black Bean have released two screenshots for WRC3, which is out on October 12. The third entry in the series is being described as a “radical departure” for the franchise and will include advanced lightning, crowd and particle effects. On top of that, it contains over 50 official WRC teams and all […]

  • WRC3 out October 12, Vita version included

    PQube has announced the Milestone Studios, Black Bean-developed, licensed rally game WRC3 will release on October 12. The third entry in the series is being described as a “radical departure” for the franchise and will include advanced lightning, crowd and particle effects. It will also feature over 50 official WRC teams and all the tracks […]

  • SBK Generations now available

    Black Bean Games and Milestone have announced that SBK Generations is now available in stores for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. The racer is set across four different seasons of the FIM Superbike World Championship, starting in 2009, and ending with the current 2012 season, the game gives players the chance to pit the best […]

  • WRC 3 announced for October 2012 release

    Black Bean has announced WRC 3 as the official game of the 2012 FIA World Rally Championship.

  • SBK Generations announced by Black Bean

    Black Bean has announced a new SBK game is in development at Milestone Studios called SBK Generations and it’s slated for release in May for PC, PS3, Xbox 360.

  • WRC 2 in-game footage trailer and screens released

    Black Bean Games and Milestone have released a few screenshots and a short preview trailer featuring in-game footage for World Rally Championship 2.

  • Black Bean confirms WRC2 release window with game details

    Black Bean Games has confirmed WRC 2, the official videogame of the 2011 FIA World Rally Championship, is set for release in October 2011.

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