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  • BlizzCon 09: Cataclysm and StarCraft II only titles for 2010 [UPDATE]

    Update: Ripten is reporting that Mike Morhaime has told DirecTV that, while he won’t give a specific date, Diablo III will be released this year. Okay, now that sounds a lot better than 2011. Shockingly better. Unexpectedly better. Dreamland better. Still, we will have Nathan poke around for more to be sure. It sounds too […]

  • Morhaime: "Correct to conclude" that two Blizzard games will hit in 2010

    Speaking in the Acti Blizz Q2 earnings call tonight, Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime caved on the subject of whether or not two Blizzard games would release next year, saying it was “correct to conclude” that StarCraft II’s now-confirmed delay into 2010 means the publisher’s about to double up. Morhaime stated in a previous earnings call […]

  • StarCraft II to ship this year

    Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime’s confirmed that StarCraft II will release this year, speaking in a pre-E3 investor webcast. “We’re targeting an end of year release-this year-for StarCraft II, but, as always, we won’t release it until it meets our standards and the expectations of our players,” he said in the call. Good news. The RTS’s […]

  • WoW may be taken offline for Chinese transition, says Morhaime

    Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime has warned that the Chinese version of World of Warcraft may be taken offline while the company swaps operators in the country. “Some downtime may be necessary for a limited time,” said the exec, speaking in Activision Blizzard’s Q1 earnings call. Morhaime said a website‘s been set up to keep players […]

  • Confirmed: Blizzard partners with NetEase for China opps

    Blizzard just confirmed it’s gone with NetEase for its Chinese licensing, as has been rumoured for the last few days. The9 was the previous holder of the contract. NetEase will now run the Chinese version of World of Warcraft “for a term of 3 years following the expiration of the current license agreement,” according to […]

  • No plans to change WoW pricing in the US, says Morhaime

    Speaking to MTV at the Wrath of the Lich King launch this week, Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime said that the American subs rate for World of Warcraft won’t be changing in the US any time soon. “The monthly rate for WoW in the United States has not changed, and we’re not planning any changes to […]

  • Morhaime and Pearce to attend NYC Lich King launch on Wednesday

    Blizzard bosses Mike Morhaime and Frank Pearce are to turn up at the midnight launch of Wrath of the Lich King in New York this week, which starts at 8.00pm EST on Wednesday at the “Best Buy store near Times Square.” There must only be one. “At Best Buy, we’re passionate about helping gamers get […]

  • Acti-Blizz Q3 financials - High percentage of those leaving WoW return, says Morhaime

    Speaking in an earnings call following the release of third quarter financials yesterday, Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime said that those leaving World of Warcraft for competing MMOs have a very strong chance of ultimately returning. According to the exec, of players trying Age of Conan, 68 percent came back to World of Warcraft, with the […]

  • Blizzard: Next MMO won't be a Warcraft sequel

    This BigDownload article has Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime saying that the company’s next MMO won’t be a World of Warcraft sequel. “It’s not going to be a World of Warcraft sequel.” he said. “So let’s just say it’s going to be different and it’s not going to be a sequel to World of Warcraft. It […]

  • Morhaime: Blizzard can move to consoles anytime thanks to Activision

    Speaking to GI at BlizzCon, Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime said that merging with Activision will allow the firm to move to consoles when it likes, and said being first in the console space with an MMO isn’t a requirement to taking a significant share of the market. “I think that, it comes down to games, […]

  • Morhaime: "Good argument" that Diablo III may work well on console

    Speaking in “an interview” at BlizzCon, Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime has said Diablo III will be evaluated as to whether or not it can work on console as development goes ahead. “Every game we have the discussion about which platforms make the most sense,” he said, as relayed by Shacknews. “As Diablo III takes shape, […]

  • Blizzard puts 3,000 more BlizzCon tickets on sale

    Following a fairly shambolic sales period of BlizzCon 2008 tickets, company boss Mike Morhaime’s made a public apology for the fact the official site exploded and all the tickets sold out faster than a small cheese pile at a rat convention, and made grace by putting another 3,000 tickets on sale. Anyone thinking about picking […]

  • Diablo III "heavily in development," series has sold 18.5 million, says Morhaime

    Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime has assured that while Diablo III doesn’t have a release date as yet, the hugely anticipated action RPG is now a heavy focus for the development superstar. “We do not currently have a release date for either StarCraft II or Diablo III, but we can say that they are heavily in […]

  • New Blizzard MMO off-limits for "competitive reasons," says Morhaime

    Speaking in Activision Blizzard’s Q1 earnings call last week, Blizzard head Mike Morhaime said that the company’s refusing to talk about its unannounced MMO for fear of bolstering the competition. “Blizzard has begun staffing on another unannounced massively multiplayer online project but for competitive reasons, we are not able to share any additional information on […]

  • Wrath of the Lich King out between October and December

    Speaking in an investor call following the release of Q1 financials last night, Blizzard confirmed that WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King will be releasing in the final quarter of this calendar year. “We have said that it will be coming out this year,” said Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime. “I can tell you it’s […]

  • BlizzCon tickets going on sale in August

    Blizzard sent word today that BlizzCon tickets are to go on sale on August 11. BlizzCon 2008 will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center, CA, October 10-11. Tickets will cost $100. “We have an entertaining show planned, and we look forward to delivering another memorable experience for our attendees,” said Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime. […]

  • Morhaime: WoW fans have nothing to fear from merger

    Speaking to Wired, Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime has said that Blizzard fans shouldn’t worry about the company’s merger with Activision. “Fans shouldn’t really see any changes,” he said. “We’re always trying to improve and to make our games better. I wouldn’t really expect the fans to notice a difference.” Morhaime added: “In the beginning, we […]

  • Talk of PC gaming's decline is "dead wrong": Morhaime

    Speaking to Eurogamer, Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime has added his voice to an increasing band of developers and publishers emphatic that PC gaming isn’t on the wane. “I think that it is just completely dead wrong to think about the PC gaming market and conclude that it’s a declining market,” he said at the Worldwide […]

  • Talent without focus on business "really dangerous", says Epic president

    Epic president Mike Capps has said that allowing creatives to have free rein within games businesses is dangerous, and that Blizzard’s model of senior staff staying out of the creative process is nothing to be proud of. “I think it’s crazy,” he said here. “Because talent without focus on business is a really, really dangerous […]

  • "We don't release failures": Blizzard

    Speaking at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas, Blizzard boss and co-founder Mike Morhaime has shown off a slide full of projects that never saw light of say, saying, “We don’t have a 100 percent success rate. We just don’t release failures.” The unused projects included titles such as Crixa, Shattered Nations, Pax Imperia and […]

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