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  • SEGA's Move and Natal projects to court PS2 crowd

    SEGA West president Mike Hayes has said, once again that the titles it’s working on for Natal and Move would be revealed at E3 and that the projects will appeal to a specific type of player.

  • Sega: Madworld on Wii was a "mismatch"

    Head of Sega in the west Mike Hayes has said Madworld was a “mismatch” on Wii.

  • Sega wants to do Bayonetta 2

    Sega president Mike Hayes has revealed the company is very much keen on doing a sequel to Bayonetta.

  • Sega to reveal Natal project at E3, more in development

    Sega boss Mike Hayes has revealed the company will show off a Project Natal “prototype” at E3 this coming June, with more in the pipeline.

  • SEGA says it needs to do a better job with PS3 and 360

    SEGA has said that it will no longer permit it’s classic IPs to be used in sub-par games as it tries to gain popularity on PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • Sega to announce Natal and PS3 MT games early next year

    Sega’s gearing up to announce Natal and PS3 motion tech games, Sega West boss Mike Hayes has told IndustryGamers. “We’d like to think that in early 2010 we’ll be making announcements about both of those platforms,” he said. Hayes added that the projects right now are basically in an R&D phase. “We have our ideas […]

  • Sega plans more hardcore games on Wii despite MadWorld sales

    Sega President and COO Mike Hayes has said that the company will back more hardcore games, despite the lackluster sales of Platinum’s MadWorld. Speaking with Wired, Hayes stated that Sega is also still researching why it flopped at retail. “It’s difficult because it was a critically acclaimed title; it was extreme but good,” he said. […]

  • Sega promotes Naoya Tsurumi and Mike Hayes as Jeffery departs

    Sega has announced that Naoya Tsurumi will assume worldwide responsibility for Sega’s Consumer Business, which includes Sega of America, Europe and Japan. In addition, Mike Hayes, the president of European operations, has been promoted to the newly created position of President & COO of both Sega of America and Sega of Europe, reporting directly to […]

  • Sega America presidency goes to Hayes

    Sega Europe COO Mike Hayes has been promoted to president of Sega of America, GI reports. Simon Jeffery stepped down from the position yesterday, to take on a new role at iPhone publisher ngmoco.

  • Metacritic helps business objectivity, says Sega's Hayes

    In response to Splash Damage studio director Paul Wedgwood’s claims that Metacritic pressure on devs was “ridiculous,” Sega Europe president Mike Hayes said that reckons Metacritic provides “objectivity into the business.” Hayes added the caveat that the meta-review site needs to be used sensibly, however, if factored into future developer deals. “The first thing is […]

  • Sega: New IP is likely to suffer this year

    Sega Europe president and COO, Mike Hayes, told GI that due to the current financial crises, publishers could choose to axe new IP. “What we’re actually doing is getting rid of the bottom tier of titles that we were putting in to get an extra bit of market share, of money,” he said. “We’re getting […]

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