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68 per cent of US homes play videogames

According to the ESA’s Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry 2009 report, 68 per cent of American households play videogames. In addition, the study reveals that 42 percent of said houses have a game console whilst the average age of game players is 35 years old. The study also showed that 43 […]

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  • ESA: 2009 does not mark "return to the old E3"

    ESA boss Mike Gallagher has told GameDaily that 2009’s E3 won’t see a return to the grandiose shows of yesterday. Remember? The events that didn’t work for anyone involved? “Last year we made some improvements based upon the input we received, but this show is not a return to the old E3,” he said. “It […]

  • Texas Governor signs tax break for game companies

    Texas Governor Rick Perry has signed into law House Bill 873 which increases the amount of state grants available to video game firms and other media production companies in the Lonestar State. The press release mainly focuses on what this means to the movie industry, but it applies to all forms of media created by […]

  • ESA boss Gallagher earned $789,929 last year

    According to ESA IRS records, CEO Mike Gallagher was paid $789,929 for the 12 months ending March 31, 2008, GamePolitics reports. By way of comparison, Gallagher’s predecessor, Doug Lowenstein, earned $744,344 for the prior year, plus a benefits package valued at $96,616. We got Mike on the phone about this, but he couldn’t hear us […]

  • ESA president says not to expect E3 2009 to be open to the public

    In this interview with Joystiq, ESA president and CEO Mike Gallagher said not to expect any forthcoming announcement that E3 (announced yesterday) will be open to the public next year. From the interview: Is it out of the realm of possibility that we’ll still see public dates announced later? MG: I wouldn’t expect that. That […]

  • ESA welcomes prison sentences for US pirates

    Jail, eh? It’s great, says ESA. Kevin Fuchs of West Amherst, NY, and Kifah Maswadi of Oakland, FL, were sentenced to eight and 15 months in prison respectively this summer, and the ESA has welcomed the move in a press release today. Fuchs will follow that up with eight months of house arrest and another […]

  • Gallagher: "Now is the time" for games industry

    ESA boss Mike Gallagher said that “now is the time” for the games industry in his E3 keynote yesterday. “When we look back, we’ll see now is the time that our industry became an accepted part of our cultural landscape,” he said. “In my predecessor’s time, we were fighting government officials, not working with them,” […]

  • Final E3 exhibitor list announced

    According to MCV, ESA’s announced the full list of E3 exhibitors this year. It looks a bit… sparse. A – M 1UP Network; Akella; Atari Inc.; Bethesda Softworks; Capcom USA Inc.; Crave Entertainment; Codemasters; D3Publisher of America; Deep Silver; Disney Interactive Studios, Inc.; Electronic Arts; Eidos Interactive; Fox Interactive Media; Indie Games; Jagex, Ltd.; Konami […]

  • Dust settles on publisher E3 attendance confusion

    We thought we’d leave this last night as some of the details involved seemed less than solid. The confusion focused mainly on a Kotaku story that claimed six publishers were to quit E3. The story’s been edited since publication – as you can see from the original URL – with the headline now reading “Five […]