The Wonderful 101 sequel could incorporate Miis

The Wonderful 101 was supposed to have players’ Miis in-game as heroes, and if a sequel is developer, Platinum Games hopes this missing feature makes the cut.

6 years ago

Miis headlines

  • 3DS infosplosion aftershock: Mii importing, eShop details, parental controls

    The last 24 hours have seen the gaming news-o-blog-o-tweet-o-tube-o-sphere erupt with 3DS details, showering panicked readers with large chunks of concrete info. Needless to say, it’s been pretty darn gruesome – and only a little bit hilarious. We, however, have continued to dig through the resulting ocean of ash and fanboy sweat, and here’s what […]

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  • 100 million Miis created in four years, says Iwata

    Speaking at a recent game seminar presentation, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed that over 100 million Miis have been made since Wii’s introduction in 2006.

    10 years ago
  • Miis confirmed playable in Guitar Hero 5

    Activision’s confirmed to Eurogamer that Miis will work for the Wii version of Guitar Hero 5, exactly in the same capacity that Avatars will work the game’s 360 version. However, plans to do the same for the PS3 version, using avatars from Home, are unlikely: the publisher has said as much. “While there are no […]

    11 years ago