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Midway France and UK branches sold for 86 pence

A filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission has revealed that Midway’s managing director for Europe, Martin Spiess, has purchased Midway’s France and UK offices for €1/86 pence. Midway UK and France are now owned by Spiess Media Holding UG and Midway’s European teams now have 90 days to sell the rest of the […]

Midway Newcastle headlines

  • Ex-Midway Newcastle employee talks studio closure

    An ex-Midway Newcastle GUI artist named Steven Pick has detailed the studio’s closure over on his personal blog, stating that work was going on as usual before the doors officially shut. Pick details how Necessary Force was still being pitched to publishers right up to the last day in hopes of saving it,stating that the […]

  • Midway Newcastle has closed its doors

    Midway Newcastle has closed its doors, according to an online CV posted by a former staffer. “Yeah, it looks like this is the end for Midway Newcastle,” the staffer replied to commentary. “The last chance that a lot of guys thought would come through, and were waiting on the outcome of, didn’t end up coming […]

  • New Necessary Force concept art released

    Midway Newcastle’s put up a ton of concept art for promising action title Necessary Force, as you can see here. Chances of the studio surviving long enough for this to ever be a reality? Remote. Still, we can but dream. Take a look. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • Necessary Force - first trailer

    Midway Newcastle’s Necessary Force has a trailer. And here it is. The game was revealed last night, as was the fact that the studio is facing a very uncertain future. Which is a shame. Because this looks pretty good. Hit it and see.

  • Midway Newcastle's open-world game is Necessary Force

    Midway Newcastle may be on the verge of closing it’s doors, but that has not stopped the team from working on its open-world detective drama, Necessary Force. Studio head Craig Duncan had a chat with Develop regarding the title, which after three months of work is playable, and says the team is not giving up just yet. […]

  • Midway Newcastle and San Diego may have to close in two weeks

    Midway’s Newcastle and San Diego studios may have to close up shop in two weeks if a buyer or investor is not found for the open-world game currently in the works. “100 percent of my efforts and focus are on finding a solution to keep the studio going forward, making it viable and securing jobs […]

  • New Wheelman movie shows bikes, shooting

    Ubi’s released a new dev diary from Wheelman, this time showing Big Vin riding round Spain on motorbikes. It’s all very shooty, what with its bullet time thing, and actually looks pretty good in a “blow things up” sort of way. After the break. We would have put this up last night, but our Flash […]