Midway Chapter 11

Midway: “There’s definitely interest in Mortal Kombat”

Midway spokesperson Geoff Mogilner has told MTV that Mortal Kombat is a franchise other publishers will always be interested in acquiring. The fighting franchise – reported as being up for sale yesterday – has pulled in $1.5 billion over the years. When asked about the offloading of the IP due to Midway’s recent Chapter 11 […]

11 years ago

Midway Chapter 11 headlines

  • Rumor: Midway hands Wheelman over to Ubisoft

    Kotaku is reporting that Ubisoft may have picked up Vin Diesel racer Wheelman. The news comes after it was reported today that Midway’s files for Chapter 11. Rumors at present have the game release on hold. Wheelman was expected to be released on March 16 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

    11 years ago