Midway Buyout

Warner ended up paying closer to $49 million for Midway

The final numbers have come in for Warner’s buyout of Midway Games.The Chicago headquarters laid-off 60 workers with the last day being September 13, which will not affect the development studio or its 100 plus employees or Ed Boon who were included in the buyout.A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commissio accounts for about […]

11 years ago

Midway Buyout headlines

  • Rumor: Three companies eying Midway for acquisition

    According to a Kotaku tipster, a private Chicago investor, Ubisoft and Warner Brothers are all eying troubled publisher Midway for a possible buyout.While Midway has refused to comment on these rumors, supposedly it has been in talks with Ubisoft for weeks now. Warner Bros. stopped by for a visit last week, apparently.Kotaku claims it’s sources […]

    11 years ago