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Surface RT: poor tablet performance has cost Microsoft $900 million

Microsoft has admitted that he poor performance of its Surface RT line of tablets has cost the company $900 million.

7 years ago

Microsoft Surface headlines

  • Microsoft Surface RT: UK price cut confirmed, prices revealed

    Microsoft will cut the cost of its Surface RT line of tablets in the UK by 30% later this week, following confirmation that North America will receive a price drop.

    7 years ago
  • Microsoft Surface prices to tumble by $150

    If you’ve been thinking about some sort of new, low-powered PC – and right now, who isn’t – you may want to hold off a bit; Microsoft is due to slash the price of its Surface tablets, which can run an increasing number of PC games. News of the imminent price cuts first came from […]

    7 years ago
  • Microsoft Surface sales fall well below expectation, sources claim

    Microsoft has sold about 1.5 million Surface tablets since the device launched, and sources claim that the figure is way below what the company had hoped.

    7 years ago
  • Microsoft Surface pricing confirmed, 32GB version starts at $499

    Microsoft Surface pricing has been confirmed by Microsoft, after the firm accidentally posted pricing on its official online store eariler today.

    7 years ago
  • Microsoft Surface getting US midnight launch October 26th

    Microsoft Surface, the company’s belated crack at the tablet whip is to receive a midnight launch event on October 26th, alongside the much-debated OS Windows 8.

    7 years ago
  • Microsoft Surface release date confirmed

    Microsoft Surface has been given a solid release date, as confirmed in the company’s annual report. Check out all the launch details here.

    8 years ago
  • Halo 4 will "work with" Microsoft's Surface

    According to VentureBeat, Xbox executive Don Mattrick mentioned during a GamesBeat panel that Halo 4 “will work with” Microsoft’s recently-revealed tablet, Surface. No details were given but the platform holder has said that all first-party games will include SmartGlass functionality so you can probably expect something of that ilk. Halo 4 is due exclusively on […]

    8 years ago
  • Scratching the Surface: Microsoft tablet's gaming potential

    Yesterday’s super-secret Microsoft announce looked at first to be a bit of a wash out, but Brenna Hillier thinks the Surface may have important connotations for gamers.

    8 years ago
  • Microsoft Surface announced as Windows-native tablet

    At an exclusive press event in Los Angeles today, Microsoft revealed the Surface – a pair of slick tablets.

    8 years ago
  • Ubi's R.U.S.E. compatible with Microsoft Surface

    Ubisoft strategy title R.U.S.E. will work with Microsoft’s £8500 touch-table, Surface, Eurogamer reports. Microsoft Surface is designed so that businesses and other important rich institutions can manage all their media files and documents whilst sitting down on what we would imagine to be incredibly comfortable chairs. The trick is, you whack down your Zune, PDA, […]

    11 years ago