Microsoft Press Conference

Photos posted from yesterday’s Microsoft Japan press conference

Gemaga’s posted up some pics from yesterday’s Xbox 360 conference in Tokyo, including photos of graphs, shots of a man holding an console and much, muchg more. Knock yourself out.

12 years ago

Microsoft Press Conference headlines

  • Confirmed: No Microsoft press conference at Games Convention

    Microsoft has confirmed to VG247 this morning that there will be no Xbox 360 press conference at Games Convention next week.“No press conference from us per se,” we were told by a rep via email, who added that the company’s booth will instead have rolling demos on its exterior and behind closed doors slots.The news […]

    12 years ago
  • Tonight's E3 Microsoft press conference - where can I watch it?

    It’s so on. Tonight Microsoft will take to the E3 stage in LA and lay out its battle plan for the rest of 2008 and beyond. More than any other conference in history we can recall, this one has been so heavily rumoured we’re struggling to think of a single surprise Microsoft can have left […]

    12 years ago