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Bleszinski: “If I had a nickel for every time I was called a fag on the internet, I could retire”

The artist formally known as Cliffy B doesn’t have the easiest job in the world. Being front-man for the Gears of War franchise is no joke. Luckily he’s man enough to take it. “You’ve got to have a thick skin,” he said. “If I had a nickel for every time I was called a fag […]

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  • New Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise shot posted

    After the link. Just one shot of Rare’s Viva sequel, you lucky, lucky people. It shows a lovely camel thing in some kind of desert environment. See for yourself.

  • New Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts shot released

    Just one. Someone, somewhere, must have all these on a disc and is just dropping them out from his internet castle in the sky, or something. After the break.

  • New Banjo will shake up "stale" platform adventuring genre, says Rare

    Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts dev lead Gregg Mayles reckons platform adventuring of old is over – and the new Rare game is the true evolution. “It’s true that anyone wanting a carbon copy of the previous two games will be disappointed, so I’m not even going to make out that it is,” he said […]

  • Kim "very happy" Microsoft never launched a handheld

    Speaking at the Microsoft Gamer’s Day earlier this week, Xbox boss Shane Kim has finally put down perpetual talk of a Microsoft gaming handheld saying he’s pleased the company never entered the portable fray with Nintendo and Sony. “I’m very happy we didn’t get into it, because launching a handheld platform is like launching another […]

  • Too Human demo for Live "soon"

    According to this Eurogamer piece, SiliconKnights boss Denis Dyack’s confirmed that a demo of Too Human will be released on Live before the game’s August 29 release. “We haven’t announced a date yet. Our goal is to try to get it out obviously before the game releases, and we’ll announce the specific timing of that […]

  • MS Gamer's Day: Cliffy B brain dumps Gears 2 info in video

    Video after the link of Cliffy B giving a heap of info on Gears of War 2, including curb-stomping, exploding meat-shield, a “gory, intimate violence experience”, the return of Carmine and tons more. Go look.

  • MS Gamer's Day: Banjo hands-on

    As far as we know this Kotaku piece is the first actual playtest of Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts beyond the pre-embargo previews. Sounds as though Brian had a nice time making vehicles. There’s a very telling quote included there, right at the end: “Creating vehicles to complete the challenges is the crux of the […]

  • MS Gamer's Day: Gears 2 will be biggest game this Christmas, says Kim

    Not content with saying he believes Gears of War 2 is the biggest 360 game due this year, Xbox boss Shane Kim has now gone on the record to say that he believes it’ll be the top 2008 title period. “[Sony] launched with Resistance and we’ve sold nearly 5 million units of Gears of War […]

  • MS Gamer's Day: All the Too Human media

    Nice. We were hoping someone could be bothered to put all this up. Thankfully, it was CVG. Hit this for 40 million images of Too Human from the Microsoft Gamer’s Day in San Francisco. Give them some page impressions. They deserve it.

  • MS Gamer's Day: No unicorns came out of my ass for Gears 2, says Bleszinski

    Speaking at the Microsoft Gamer’s Day yesterday, Gears of War 2 dev lead Cliff Bleszinski has confirmed that Gears of War 2 will not feature unicorns coming out of his ass. “A lot of gamers were somehow expecting Gears 2 to suddenly come out and have big bright purple flowers and rainbows and unicorns coming […]

  • MS Gamer's Day: Data will speak for itself in console race, says Kim

    The Eurogamer massive got a Kim interview too, the first bit of which just popped up on GI. Speaking at the Microsoft Gamer’s Day in San Francisco yesterday, the Xbox boss refused to be drawn on the states of play between his firm and Sony, saying only that the figures will tell the final story. […]

  • MS Gamer's Day: Cliffy B refuses to confirm Gears 2 four-way co-op

    As reported by Shacknews, Cliffy B fell short of confirming four-player co-op play in Gears of War 2 at the Microsoft Gamer’s Day in San Francisco yesterday, saying only that more information was coming at E3 and the game’s online offering will be “robust”. “We’re not announcing anything about co-op at this time, we’ll probably […]

  • MS Gamer's Day: No more Ninja Gaiden, says Itagaki

    Speaking to Kotaku at the Microsoft Gamer’s Day in San Francisco yesterday, Team Ninja’s Tomonobu Itagaki said that he doesn’t plan on making any more Ninja Gaiden games after Ninja Gaiden II. “Personally I think we were able to create the definitive 3D game in this series so I’m not planing on making any other […]

  • MS Gamer's Day: Halo Wars for Leipzig in "controlled fashion", not ready for SF (update)

    Update: Sorry, our major bad. The Leipzig reference in the interview was to the game’s German showing in 2007, not 2008. Xbox boss Shane Kim confirmed in a CVG interview last night that Ensemble RTS Halo Wars will be shown at Games Convention in Leipzig this August, but that the viewing will be in a […]

  • MS Gamer's Day: CVG gets Kim interview

    Looks like an exclusive. CVG interviewed Xbox boss Shane Kim at yesterday’s Microsoft Gamer’s Day in San Francisco, in which he reiterates that Gears 2 is 360’s biggest game this year, the console’s life cycle in general and confirmation that Halo Wars will be at Leipzig. Must-read.

  • MS Gamer's Day: "I've never heard of motion controller," says Kim

    Speaking to CVG at Microsoft’s Gamer’s Day in San Francisco yesterday, Xbox boss Shane Kim put a hilarious boot into rumours of a motion-sensing controller for Xbox 360 by saying that he’d never heard of the device. “I’ve never heard of a motion sensing controller,” he said. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” […]

  • MS Gamer's Day: Fable 2 previews

    You either love it or hate it, and most people love it, so take the time to gen up on Lionhead’s fantasy RPG before it ships this “holiday”. Molyneux showed the game to the press at the Microsoft Gamer’s Day in San Francisco yesterday, and the reaction was good, from the quick skim we’ve had […]

  • MS Gamer's Day: Cliffy B's Gears of War 2 demo reports

    Cliffy B, the man with the best hair in games development, showed Gears of War 2 being played at yesterday’s Microsoft Gamer’s Day in San Francisco. People wrote about it on the internet. There are previews on 1UP, Eurogamer and IGN. Lots of detail about the demo in all of them, so that should keep […]

  • MS Gamer's Day: Too Human impressions

    Too Human’s co-op mode was shown to the press for the first time at the Microsoft Gamer’s Day in California yesterday. Is it good? Let 1UP tell you. Or IGN. Don’t let us hem you in, man.

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