Microsoft E3 Press Conference 2009

E3 2009 – Who “won” the press conferences?

And that’s that. One of the greatest E3s for years is done. There were megatons. People are still hiding under their kitchen tables. The conferences were nothing if not sensational. Our goosebumps refuse to settle. But let’s not be rational. Let’s mark the platform holders’ performances out of ten. Let’s say who “won”. Why not? […]

Microsoft E3 Press Conference 2009 headlines

  • E3 2009 - Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo's conferences rounded-up

    If we keep crunching all this down it’ll disappear eventually. Get all the news from E3 platform-holder conference from the links below. E3 2009 Microsoft press conference E3 2009 Nintendo press conference E3 2009 Sony press conference

  • Spielberg 'throws away' current work to focus on 'heart-breaking' Natal

    Steven Spielberg has told the BBC that everything he’s working on with EA is now in the bin. Why? Because now he’s got Natal. “I’m currently making videogames through EA, and right now I’m so excited to be able to write for [Natal],” he said, talking alongside MS entertainment boss Don Mattrick after the Microsoft […]

  • Forza 3 customisation in video

    There’s a trailer of the customisation aspects of Forza 3 after the break, and very cool it looks too. We’re still looking for a movie of the E3 press conference demo from yesterday, which was apparently amazing. We’ll let you know when we get one. It’s out in October.

  • Peter Molyneux's Milo - the whole thing in video

    You must watch this. It’s Peter Molyneux’s Milo project for Natal, the Xbox 360 camera announced in the Microsoft press conference yesterday. You’d probably already seen it, but still. Bonkers.

  • Microsoft's Project Natal camera in action - video

    Hit the link for a demo video of Microsoft’s full-body motion-sensing camera, Project Natal, in action. The company announced the device in its E3 press conference in LA earlier today. If it really does do all this then, well, it’s pretty much amazing. Look at see. No release date as yet.

  • Microsoft's E3 press conference - all the news in one place

    In a word, “blimey”. Microsoft’s E3 press conference is now over, and to say it was “news-heavy” is something of an understatement. Here’s everything. Complete video of Microsoft’s E3 press conference The full liveblog transcript Peter Molyneux is making game for Project Natal Microsoft’s Project Natal camera in action – video Microsoft E3 game announcement […]

  • E3 2009 - Microsoft press conference liveblog!

    Update – We’re now live! This is it! Microsoft will take to the stage at the USC Campus’ Galen Center at 10.30am PST this morning to deliver its E3 2009 keynote, and anticipation is running white hot. Nathan’s on his way there now, so you’ll be able to read the whole thing as it happens, […]

  • Microsoft E3 conference - every live video stream

    Get pumped. Microsoft’s E3 press conference kicks off at 10.30am PST (6.30pm BST, 7.30pm CET) and you’ll probably want to watch it as well as tuning into our sure-to-be-amazing liveblog. So. All the streams available are listed below. Remember that both EA and Ubisoft follow today, at 2.00pm PST and 5.00pm PST respectively. G4 GameTrailers […]

  • E3 2009 - Microsoft press conference starts at 10.30am PST today

    Good morning, internet. We have arrived. Microsoft’s E3 press conference starts in LA today at 10.30am PST (or 10.25am if you’re being pedantic). Just so you’re clear, that’s 6.30pm UK time (BST) and 7.30pm in mainland Europe (CET). Nathan’s safely ensconced in his hotel, so we’ll be liveblogging the whole thing. You can watch it […]

  • Hawk: Ride confirmed for MS E3 press conference

    Tony Hawk’s confirmed on Twitter that he’s going to appear with his plasdtic skateboard game, Ride, in the Microsoft press conference today. Well, he did. The tweet doesn’t exist any more. Joystiq captured it for posterity, though. “Just practiced my part for Microsoft’s E3 keynote tomorrow (introducing #thride),” Hawk said. “First time I’ve ever had […]

  • E3 2009 - MS presser brought forward for "very special" announcement

    Microsoft has apparently warned journalists that its press conference today will start five minutes earlier thanks to the inclusion of a “very special” announcement. We quite literally do not know what this could be. The conference was scheduled to start at 10.30am PST (6.30pm BST) today, but will now begin at 10.25am. Xbox 5 confirmed. […]

  • Bungie will "see you on Monday"

    Microsoft’s E3 press conference is shaping up very nicely, with Bungie all but confirming it’s going to show Halo 3: ODST in the showcase on Monday in its weekly update. Our E3 Strike Team is being deployed and confirmed fully operational. Some of the more astute among you have already had eyes on some of […]