Fable II devs tested microphone controls for dog

Fable II’s developers originally tried to include microphone capabilities in the game to allow players to whistle to the dog.According to Peter Molyneux, the feature was discarded because it felt more like a gimmick instead of a true gameplay component.“We did test it out,” Molyneux told MTV.“Whistling to the dog with the microphone was one […]

11 years ago

Microphone headlines

  • Rock Band mic not compatible with Wii

    Oh, the irony. The standalone Rock Band microphone in the US that alerted people to a possible Wii version of the game a few days before EA CEO John Riticiello admitted the existence of the SKU in this week’s investor call won’t actually work with the Wii version.“Our packaging mistakenly states that the microphone is […]

    12 years ago
  • Rock Band for Wii revealed by new mic?

    Funny. EA’s just released a $50 standalone microphone for Rock Band in the US, and may have unwittingly given the game away as to a Wii version. As seen in this report, Wii is listed as a format on the peripheral’s packaging. No Wii version has been announced to date. EA hasn’t commented on this […]

    12 years ago