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  • Dengeki Playstation MGS4 scans hit web

    Here. There’s plenty to see in the pages, including weapon attachments and a ton of character art. Go have a look while you’re trying to make your mind up about whether or not this is the game that’s going to tip you over the edge and make you part with some lovely money to own […]

  • Three MGS4 packs planned for Japan

    According to this, Japanese gamers are going to be able to choose between three ways of buying MGS4 when it hits this summer. The game’s base pack includes MGS4 and Metal Gear Online. Then there’s a Special Edition box set, which includes a Blu-ray disc featuring all the trailers released so far along with making-of […]

  • "No plans" for MGS4 or GoW bundles in Europe

    Looks as though you may not want to hold your breath if you’re banking on a European version of the MGS4 or God of War: Chains of Olympus bundles announced in the US yesterday. “We have no plans to release either bundle at the moment,” a SCEE spokesperson told videogaming247. If we were betting men, […]

  • Some backwards compatability for MGS4 PS3 bundle

    According to this and numerous other reports, a Sony PR rep has seemingly confirmed that the upcoming MGS4 bundle announced last night by SCEA will feature limited PS2 backwards compatability. “Yes, similar to the Motorstorm bundle, the new MGS4 bundle features an 80GB PS3 with some PS2 backwards compatibility,” said the spokesperson. There’s no news […]

  • June 12 for MGS4?

    A June 12 release date for MGS4 is being rumoured here. The news has apparently come from a retailer conference. Don’t expect any confirmation from Konami until its German office is good and ready to give it.

  • No Metal Gear for GDC

    Oh dear. According to this, MGS4 isn’t going to be on show at GDC. Which is a bit odd, if you think about it, considering the game was at CES last month and Konami’s said it’s nearly finished. It’s Ryan Payton saying it’s not going to be there in that podcast, the guy that apparently […]

  • Million on day one for MGS4 quote incorrect, says Konami

    Oh dear. Kojima Productions associate producer Ryan Payton has gone on the record and said that the widely reported quote attributed to him by Reuters journalist Kemp Powers (real name?) last year, which said that Konami needed to shift a million units of MGS4 on day one, isn’t correct. The original piece said, “Payton said […]

  • Metal Gear Solid: Essential Collection all true, on pre-order now in US

    The rumoured Metal Gear Solid: Essential Collection for PS2 isn’t rumoured after all, and is now available fro pre-order at Gamestop in the US. There’s no word on a European launch, and quick look round Amazon UK, GAME and Play shows nothing but old Metal Gear games. The pack is thought to include all previous […]

  • 2008 split console first, PC later: analyst

    Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian reckons console gaming’s going to be the hot story of the first half of 2008 thanks to GTA IV, MGS 4 and DMC 4, whereas PC titles will be the talk of the back half of the year, with the launch of WoW: Wrath of the Lich King, Spore and […]

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