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  • Photos from the MGS4 London Zavvi midnight opening

    Konami’s just sent through some photos from the London midnight Zavvi opening for MGS4’s launch. Looks jolly, doesn’t it?

  • More MGS4 gameplay - camo in action

    After the link. The footage shows Snake’s camo options in action, and it’s all looking rather good, to be honest. Nearly good enough to go about and buy the game with a PS3. Nearly.

  • Everyone's getting MGS4 early

    Except us it seems. Still PS3F has got the skinny, with a ton of pictures of bundle-packs and limited editions sent in from around the world. Check it out in envy. We are. By Mike Bowden

  • Konami cancels MGS4 Japanese launch events

    In some of the best Engrish we’ve read from a Google translation in a while, you can just about make out the Konami has cancelled its Japanese Metal Gear Solid 4 launch event. Reasons are as follows: June 12 (Thursday) in three locations in Tokyo scheduled to take place today, METAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS […]

  • MGS4 install times revealed, Kojima makes in-game Blu-ray joke

    Someone over at NeoGaf has posted the in-between-chapter install times for MGS4, the total install being 4.6Gb. This comes at the same time as an in-game conversation between Snake and Otacon is revealed where Otacon is telling Snake he doesn’t have to change disks because of the capacity of Blu-ray. As the Metal Gear Solid […]

  • MGS4 street date broken, Kojima relaxed

    It seems Wal-Mart has sold early copies of Metal Gear Solid 4, breaking the official street date of June 12. Hideo Kojima however, remained contemplative. “Despite the measurements taken by any publisher, high-profile games always seem to have one store, if not more, break their legal street date,” he said. “This had been the case […]

  • MGS4 Gun Metal Bundle sells out in seven minutes

    According to P3F, the exclusive-to-the-US 80GB MGS4 PS3 bundle sold out on in just seven minutes. Demand for the bundle was so high, that it actually brought the retailer giant to its knees. Hilarious. MGS4 will be released worldwide on June 12 and no, for the last time, us lowly Europeans aren’t getting the […]

  • MGS4 reviewers told to not mention install size and cut-scene times, says MTV

    MTV’s claiming that journalists reviewing MGS4 in the US were told to not mention the length of the game’s cut-scenes and the size of the title’s PS3 install by Konami. From the site: I’ve been told by two gaming media sources who asked to remain anonymous that Konami representatives had been asking print reviewers to […]

  • Eurogamer gives MGS4 8/10, IGN 9.9/10

    Oh Lord. It’s internet-snapping time. Eurogamer’s given Metal Gear Solid 4 8/10, which has a rather Halo-esque ring to it. The score’s in contrast to almost blanket top scores from other publications – including this 9.9/10 from IGN – and is already being twitched over in the review’s comments thread. Leave now. Save yourself.

  • European MGS4 limited edition revealed

    The first images of the European limited edition of Metal Gear Solid 4 have sneaked out, and it looks like a box with some pictures on it. A nice box with some pictures on it, but there we are. The shots are here and here. Thanks, absolutezero.

  • New Metal Gear screens released

    On PS3Fanboy. Well, all over the internet, really, but there we are. Please bring out DualShock 3 very quickly so we don’t have to spend even more money just to play a decent game properly, SCEE. It’s out on June 12.

  • Kojima announces MGS4 world promo tour

    Missed this in the Gamer’s Day noise yesterday, but Kojima’s announced a world tour to promote the launch of Metal Gear 4. The developer will personally travel to London, followed by stops in Madrid, Milan, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Paris. Hideo’s entourage will then split into three, heading to Japan, New York and finally arrive in […]

  • Five new MGS4 trailers emerge from Japan wrap party

    After the link. There’s a lot of stuff there to keep you going. This is all from the press event in Tokyo today, as covered by Kotaku. See for yourself. Beware: the last one is the intro movie.

  • Kojima - Earlier PS3 comments misunderstood

    In an Edge interview posted in its entirety by Kotaku, MGS4 man Hideo Kojima has retracted some earlier comments about PS3 not being up to the job, saying the meaning of his words got lost in translation. “It’s become totally different,” he said. “This was in English, and here’s where it gets strange. Japanese readers […]

  • Steel PS3 for MGS4 bundle in Japan

    Sony’s shown off the limited edition steel PS3 for its Japanese Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle. In all fairness, this does look pretty cool. There’s approximately no chance of this coming out over here, but we can but dream.

  • New MGS4 shots released

    Here. If only the words “shots released” in that headline could have been replaced with “bundle announced for Europe”. Then we could have all been happy. The game releases in Europe and the US on June 12.

  • Screens from the MGS4 Online Starter Pack

    Here. The shots are taken from five different maps from the online starter pack, namely Ambush Alley, Gronznyj Grad, Midtown Maelstrom, Urban Ultimatum and Blood Bath. MGS4 was confirmed today for release in the US and Europe on June 12.

  • MGS4 will only have one VO per territory

    According to this, MGS4 will only include one language per region because of disc space. “Unfortunately because of disc space, we don’t have the space to include other languages, other voice over files for the respective versions,” said producer Ryan Payton. “So the Japanese version’s not gonna have English VO, and the North American and […]

  • MGS4 gets June 12 date for Europe

    According to this, MGS4 will be released on June 12 in Europe as well as the US. The piece says it’s from an announcement, but we haven’t seen it yet. Update: The announcement’s been made. Press release after the link.

  • Euro PS3 bundles not going to America

    SCEA and SCEE are obviously comfortable in their decisions. According to this, SCEA isn’t going to be bringing the two European bundles we saw today to Europe. “On Tuesday we announced our plans for the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots PS3 bundle for North America,” said an SCEA spokesperson. “We currently do […]

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