Metal Gear Solid 4 Database

MGS4 Database confirmed for June 26 Euro release

Konami confirmed that the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database – already released in Japan and the US – will hit Europe on June 26. Press release after the link.

12 years ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 Database headlines

  • No MGS4 Database for Euro PSN

    Eurogamer reports that the MGS4 Database hasn’t appeared in today’s European PSN update. SCEE normally announces the additions via email on Thursday afternoon, but we’ve had nothing today.

    12 years ago
  • MGS4 Database posted on Japanese PSN

    Says so on N4G. The Database was announced overnight for inclusion in today’s PSN update, but it wasn’t clear which regions would get it. It looks as though the US definitely will in addition to Japan, so keep everything crossed the pack will turn up in in the PAL release later today.

    12 years ago
  • MGS4 Database for PSN release today

    Sony’s announced on the US PlayStation blog that today’s PSN update will include an app called the MGS4 Database. From the site: The MGS4 Database is a free, downloadable interactive application that contains the official knowledge base of everything that is Metal Gear, reaching all the way back to the very beginning of the franchise. […]

    12 years ago