Tecmo and Koei announce Koei Tecmo Holdings

Tecmo and Koei revealed today that the two companies have merged and have now formed Koei Tecmo Holdings. The deal will be finalised as per April 1, 2009. The companies reveal their merger plans in September last year after Tecmo turned down Square’s advances earlier that same month. Thanks, Kotaku. By Mike Bowden

11 years ago

Merger headlines

  • Morhaime: Blizzard can move to consoles anytime thanks to Activision

    Speaking to GI at BlizzCon, Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime said that merging with Activision will allow the firm to move to consoles when it likes, and said being first in the console space with an MMO isn’t a requirement to taking a significant share of the market. “I think that, it comes down to games, […]

    11 years ago
  • Tecmo and Koei merger roadmap to be formed within two months

    Tecmo and Koei have announced that a solid plan to merge the two companies will be in place within two months, Kotaku reports. “A committee has been formed to oversee the business of the two newly-merged companies, comprised of the presidents of both companies (acting as joint-chairmen) as well as executive representatives and non-executive representatives […]

    11 years ago
  • Activision sued over Blizzard merger

    Here. Some American investors are getting worked up over the Activision Blizzard deal, saying that Activision could have got better terms. “The merger, stock purchase and tender offer, working in concert, convey control of Activision to Vivendi but fail to offer the Activision stockholders an opportunity to realize a true control premium for their stock,” […]

    12 years ago
  • "We don't release failures": Blizzard

    Speaking at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas, Blizzard boss and co-founder Mike Morhaime has shown off a slide full of projects that never saw light of say, saying, “We don’t have a 100 percent success rate. We just don’t release failures.” The unused projects included titles such as Crixa, Shattered Nations, Pax Imperia and […]

    12 years ago
  • Acti-Blizzard deal "came perilously close to never seeing the light of day"

    So says this. According to a proxy statement filed with the SEC today, the giant Activision Blizzard “deal traces its roots to late 2006, when Activision’s management decided to pursue some kind of linkup with the games unit of the French entertainment and telecommunications conglomerate. It didn’t take long for Vivendi to take Activision’s bait. […]

    12 years ago