Merchandise headlines

  • Report: BioWare blames DC Direct for Mass Effect figure delays

    The long-awaited series of Mass Effect figures has suffered another delay, with Bioware reportedly placing the blame at manufacturer DC Direct’s door.

  • Sony going merchandise-crazy with new licensing deal

    According to a report over at MCV, “Live in your world; play in ours” is a thing of the past. Now, with Sony Europe and Target Entertainment’s latest moneymaking scheme, you’ll be able to both live in your world and play in it. Videogaming as we know it is doomed. Target’s first move: spicing up […]

  • MGS4 branding announced - motorbike, alarm clock, more

    According to a Kotaku liveblog from a Japanese Metal Gear Solid 4 conference, a heap of branded merchandise is to be released surrounding the game this year, including a mobile phone, a Triumph motorbike, a Regain energy drink for sale in Japan and an MGS4 duck alarm clock. The thrust of the presentation was a […]