DICE releases list of Big Name attendees

DICE has released a list of the big names now convened in Las Vegas for DICE, and it’d be fair to say that anyone with half a brain and a dictaphone could do some serious damage. Maybe we’ll go next year. Here’s who’s there: Gabe Newell – Valve, Founder John Riccitiello – Electronic Arts, CEO […]

11 years ago

Men headlines

  • One in five Canadians play games naked, says Microsoft

    DigitalHome writes that Microsoft recently commissioned a poll exploring Canadians’ gaming habits asking whether they gamed “in public; at work; in the bathroom; in the bedroom, or in the nude.” The results reveal that 17 percent of men – that’s roughly one in five, people – played computer games totally starkers whilst unfortunately only 9 […]

    12 years ago
  • Videogames reward men more than women, says study

    Stanford University School of Medicine researchers have shown that the reason men get turned on by games more than women is that, for some reason, hey find the whole process more rewarding. The part of the brain that generates feeling of reward is more active in men men playing a game than it is in […]

    12 years ago