MS offering cheap HDs and free memory cards for NXE

Following news that New Xbox Experience would require 128Mb of memory to run, Microsoft has announced that it’s offering either a free 512Mb memory unit or a 20Gb hard drive for $19.99 to those that own an Xbox 360 with no memory space.If you bought a 360 with no hard drive, you can go here […]

12 years ago

Memory headlines

  • Vegas 2 PC crash takes up 1Gb of HD space

    Comical. According to this forum thread, every time the PC version of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 crashes it creates a “MemDump” file nearly 1Gb in size.Every time.Read the thread. It’s genius: “Just looked in my directory… whoa. 7 gigs of space being eaten by crash dumps. Wondered where all my HDD space was draining off […]

    12 years ago