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Bethesda bringing Rogue Warrior, Medieval Games to Eurogamer Expo

Eurogamer‘s announced it’s bringing two games from Bethesda over to the Eurogamer Expo when it takes place at the end of this month. What are those games? They happen to be Rogue Warrior and Medieval Games.. Both of those games will be on show in Leeds from October 27/28 and in London on October 30/31

10 years ago

Medieval Games headlines

  • Bethesda's second Wii title is Medieval Games

    Bethesda has revealed that it’s second Wii game is Medieval Games, and is to be released in November. It’s a mini-game title from what we can tell, here’s how the press release describes it: “From battling dragons and storming the castle, to catapulting and archery contests, Medieval Games offers hours of fun for the entire […]

    10 years ago