MCM Expo

UK first plays of Kingdom Hearts 3D, Rhythm Paradise to hit MCM Expo

Nintendo UK is to give the UK public the first chance to get their hands on with several upcoming titles for 3DS and Wii at this weekend’s MCM Expo London Comic Con.

8 years ago

MCM Expo headlines

  • London Games Festival dated for October 24 - 31

    The fourth annual London Games Festival has been dated for October 24th, according to organizer ELSPA. “The 2008 London Games Festival was a major success,” stated director general Michael Rowlinson. “With the rise in popularity of videogames in the UK I’m sure this year’s Festival will be a great draw and fun for everyone. “The […]

    11 years ago
  • MCM Expo dated, 35,000 expected to attend

    The Movie Comic Media Expo will be held on May 23-24 at the ExCel Center in London, with Tekken 6, Ghostbusters and Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce all playable. Eidos, Rising Star Games, and Koei will also be there with demos at the ready. Last year, MCM played host to over 30,000 attendees, and 35,000 are expected […]

    11 years ago