Gears of War: Judgment gets new, free DLC next week

Gears of War: Judgment’s next free-DLC pack, like Execution mode and the Haven and Capitol maps before it, will be sponsored by Maxim.

7 years ago

Maxim headlines

  • Over 40 Xbox Live apps rolling out from now until Spring, Napster & Karaoke launch today

    Xbox Live is to receive 40 new dashboard apps from today until Spring 2013 across various territories. Some are region specific while others are global, including an official GameTrailers app. Check out Major Nelson’s update below.

    7 years ago
  • Maxim shows "the girls of Dragon Age"

    Maxim’s posted a picture feature of models dressed sort of similarly to women in Dragon Age.That’s it. When we say “sort of,” we mean they have almost the same haircuts and they’re wearing lingerie.The game’s out… whatever. Have a great day.

    11 years ago