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Exclusive – Obsidian on Alpha Protocol, RPGs, staying indie and much, much more

Despite the fact Obsidian spy RPG Alpha Protocol’s been pushed back into next year, the game remains one of the most anticipated in the market. Many of you were born to be Bond, clearly. Good news for you all today, then. We’ve been lucky enough to get a huge chat with senior producer Ryan Rucinski, […]

10 years ago

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  • Obsidian: Alpha Protocol delay will allow for a "good coat of polish"

    Worried that Alpha Protocol’s now official delay is Corporate-ese for “development troubles”? Well quit your blubbering; Obsidian’s Matthew Rorie says the delay’s simply about polish and visibility for the depressingly off-the-radar RPG. “Just keep in mind that, in the end, this is going to help Alpha Protocol achieve the greatest success possible for it. The […]

    10 years ago