Matthew Booty

Midway announces Booty as chairman

The company president and CEO of‭ ‬Midway Games,‭ ‬Matthew Booty, has been appointed chairman of the board. Booty joined‭ ‬Midway‭ ‬1991 and was appointed interim CEO last year. He made that role permanent back in October. Booty will still be working in the capacity of company‬ president and CEO. Midway’s previous chairman,‭ ‬Peter Brown,‭ ‬was […]

11 years ago

Matthew Booty headlines

  • Zucker quits Midway following shock losses

    David Zucker has resigned as Midway CEO following full-year losses of almost $100 million in 2007. Matthew Booty, VP of worldwide studios, will step into his shoes as an interim measure until a new replacement’s found. “The board is confident that a new CEO will be selected who can fully utilize the opportunities presented by […]

    12 years ago