Matt Booty

Minecraft boss to oversee first-party development and publishing at Xbox

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has promoted Minecraft boss Matt Booty to the role of corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios.

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  • Xbox One: indie devs can't self-publish through XBLA, XBLIG channel being done away with

    Like Xbox 360 before it, independent developers won’t be able to self-publish titles through Xbox Live on Xbox One, Microsoft has confirmed. In fact, the marketplace on Xbox One will no longer contain separate channels for Xbox Live Arcade and XBL Indie Games.

  • 20% of Midway staff given two month's notice

    20 per cent of troubled company Midway’s staff have been given two month’s notice, reports Edge. According to the Chicago Tribune, among those to be let go is chief executive Matt Booty. Hard times indeed. Warner recently paid $49m for the Mortal Kombat developer, as was reported last week.

  • Game CEOs make loads more than you do

    Ever wonder what game industry CEOs make in a year?  It’s loads more than any of us, we guarantee. According to The Game Trade Journal, between bonuses, stock options and incentives, the following CEOs are paid the most according to proxy statements filed with the SEC. Activision – Bobby Kotick: $14.9 Million; Base pay is […]

  • Midway cuts 25% of global staff

    Midway’s announced plans to cut 180 staff, or 25 percent of its global workforce. Its Austin studio is to be closed completely, and “development on several non-core games” has been suspended, the publisher said in a statement. “The cost-reduction measures are vital for us to rationalize our operations and provide the resources necessary for our […]

  • Booty takes CEO role at Midway

    Midway’s confirmed Matt Booty is to take a full-time role as CEO and president of Midway. He’s served as interim boss of the first since March this year, when David Zucker “left” the company after some seriously impressive cash-losing. “Over the past two quarters we have made progress reducing costs, realigning our studios, and improving […]

  • Midway has "a strong commitment" to Newcastle studio, says Booty

    Speaking with GI, Midway CEO and president Matt Booty said that the company has “a strong commitment” to it’s Newcastle studio, dispelling any redundancy rumours that have surfaced since the company laid off 90 in Austin. “Newcastle is a very important studio for us,” he said. “We just brought in a new studio head, Craig […]