Master League

Blizzard details StarCraft II Master League, announces Grandmaster League

Since the release of StarCraft II, Blizzards has been sharing Top 200 lists for so those who wish to keep track player performances in their region can do so. Now that patch 1.2 is out, the developers are launching the Master League, which is “designed to give the best players in each region a new […]

9 years ago

Master League headlines

  • PES 2010's Master League splits into three

    Konami’s announced changes to Pro Evolution Soccer’s Master League for the 2010 version, saying today the mode will feature Club House, Stadium Walk, and Office elements. Club House is used for tactical and match day options, Stadium Walk for main game settings, and Office for scouting and player acquisitions. Thrills. It’s out later this year. […]

    11 years ago