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  • Sony confirms MAG Beta, but it's internal only

    Sony has confirmed rumors posted earlier in the week regarding a MAG: Massive Action Game Beta. Only thing is, it’s internal only so players that have seen statuses regarding the Beta popping up on PSN should know that theses are Sony employee profiles. This was confirmed to CVG earlier today. Hopefully this means that a […]

  • New E3 MAG footage shows lots of guns

    Sony PS3 exclusive, 256 player multiplayer, men in army clothing, and lots and lots of firepower: that’s what MAG (Massive Action Game) promises to deliver, and judging by the footage below, it might just do that. We should all be playing this sometime next year. Check it out.

  • Official MAG site opens, has map

    Sony’s launched MAG’s official site. Unfortunately it includes nothing but a map and some kind of radio interference over western Russia and a few other regions. Beggars can’t be choosers, however. At least you know it’s 99 percent certain the 256-player shooter will make it out this year. Look for yourself, PS3 owners.

  • Zipper: MAG has been 100% multiplayer from day one

    Zipper Interactive’s Tony Iuppa has told NowGamer that upcoming PS3 exclusive MAG was never intended to have an offline component. “MAG is 100 percent multiplayer and has been since day one,” he said. “This has let us spend all of our development resources on creating a deeper MP experience, which supports tight shooter gameplay seen […]

  • Rumour: First MAG shots posted

    These were knocking about at rubbish resolution at the weekend, but Destructoid’s got a nice set of what are apparently the first MAG screens. There’s some art there as well. They look a bit too good to be fake, to be fair. But that doesn’t mean they’re not. The Zipper PS3 shooter’s out later this […]

  • Sony: MAG "only possible on PS3," is an "iteration of SOCOM" [Update]

    SCEA hardware marketing boss John Koller has claimed that upcoming multiplayer shooter MAG can only be built on PS3. “MAG is a 256 online-player game which is spectacular,” he said, talking to VG247 at GDC last week. “If you look at that competitively, it’s something that’s only possible on PS3. The processor speed, the ability […]

  • Sony looking at MAG pricing structure - images

    Bitbag’s carrying a few screens of what is apparently a user survey designed to gauge reaction to various pricing plans for PS3 multiplayer shooter, MAG. There are four options there, which include different publishers, which is interesting. The game was first shown at E3, and is in development at Zipper. It’s out next year. Hit […]

  • First in-game MAG shot released

    The US PlayStation Blog’s published the first in-game shot of Massive Action Game, the big-ticket Zipper title shown in the Sony E3 press conference last week. The resolution’s a little pony, but you can see it has the potential to be a technical marvel, what with its parachutes and 256-player combat. There’s a bit more […]

  • Sony’s MAG to be rebranded as SOCOM title?

    Massive Action Game, while certainly an apt description of Sony’s 256-player action title, isn’t the punchiest moniker we’ve ever heard. Luckily, according to an insider who contacted Kotaku, the game’s current ID may soon be a thing of the past. The source was apparently part of a focus group that saw the game a month […]

  • MAG: Aim was to make game achieveable on no other platform, says Zipper

    Speaking to Gamespot after the Sony E3 press conference last night, Zipper Interactive lead designer Andy Beaudoin said that the aim of the newly-announced Massive Action Game was the create something that couldn’t be achieved on any other hardware. “Obviously, with PlayStation 3 we’ve got a lot more power we can tap into to try […]

  • Massive Action Game announced for PS3

    SCEA just announced Massive Action Game for PS3. Zipper Interactive developing. The game will support 256 players in single battles. It’s a squad-based combat title SCEA boss Jack Tretton says will “stretch PS3’s architecture.” A movie was shown featureing huge battlefields, bases, bombs and vehicles. The info came as part of the ongoing Sony E3 […]

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