Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Operation Silencer is your next Mass Effect 3 multiplayer event

BioWare has announced the next Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend will be Operation Silencer. Players will be tasked with dropping 3 million banshees between May 11 and May 14. If the goal is reached, those who participated will be handed a Victory Pack filled with unspecified goodies. Should a squad perform a full extraction against […]

8 years ago

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer headlines

  • Earn 25% extra XP in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer this weekend

    This weekend Mass Effect 3 players can earn a 25% XP boost in multiplayer. The extra XP weekend started this morning and ends at 5:00am on March 26. The bonus is available through all maps, platforms and for all character levels. Thanks, GameFront.

    8 years ago