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  • Comic-Con will be a major place for gamers July 23-26

    Gaming will have a major presence at Comic-Con in San Diego July 23 – 26. Here is just some of what to expect should you be attending: A panel on DC Universe Online with Jim Lee and Marv Wolfman The Saboteur: Rethinking the WWII Gaming Genre woth Pandemic Studios’ lead designer Tom French and art […]

  • Deadpool trailer surfaces, has loads of action

    A video for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 has surfaced showing off the recently announced Deadpool. Shows explosions, bullets, kicks, and other stuff you would expect from Deadpool. Watch it over on Eurogamer France. The game’s out later this year.

  • Deadpool revealed for Ultimate Alliance 2

    Tons of art, info and a few screens of Deadpool’s Appearance in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 have been posted on the official site. He’ll use swords, grenades and other stuff. Hit the link for all details. The game’s out later this year. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • Deadpool included in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

    Deadpool’s on the way to Ultimate Alliance 2, according to this IGN piece. The hero hasn’t been officially announced for the game, but appears in an ad for the title in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He was an unlockable in the original. Raven will be pleased: it’s keen on making Mr Deadpool the focus of his […]

  • Iron Fist to be a playable character in Ultimate Alliance 2

    Iron Fist will be one of 24 playable characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, according to Kotaku. We know this for a fact: we saw it first hand at GDC. Need more proof? Watch the video after the break.

  • Songbird shown in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    Activision’s shown first screens and detail of Songbird in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, as you can see on the game’s site. The action RPG’s shaping up nicely. There’s tons of detail on how the character was included in the game through the link. There’s no date – or platforms – on it as yet. Don’t […]

  • Activision drops "Fusion" from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    If you watched the new trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 we posted on Friday you may have noticed at the end of it that the word “Fusion” was no longer in the title — and for good reason: it’s been removed. A spokesperson for Activison confirmed the name change when contacted by Evil Avatar […]

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion trailer shows super-war

    Superheroes everywhere. Acitvision’s got into the Comic Con spirit by releasing a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion trailer, and very super it looks too. After the break. The action RPG will be high on the list for super-fans, what with its warring superheroes, super effects and ability to combine powers. No firm details on this, […]

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 moves to 2009

    According to the UGOGamesBlog, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 will not ship this year as planned. The news came from Comic Con last week. From the site: I also asked the Activision rep if they still planned on releasing Marvel Ultimate Alliance this fall, the same time that they plan on releasing Spiderman. I was surprised […]

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