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PES 2010 gets 3 million launch ship

Konami Europe has put 3 million copies of PES 2010 into retail for the game’s launch today, the company’s confirmed. “PES 2010 is Konami’s largest release of the year, and we cannot stress the gratitude for all the input from the enormous PES fan base,” said Konami marketing boss, Martin Schneider. “Global sales for the […]

10 years ago

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  • Konami thanks Games Convention for all the fish, confirms for GamesCOM

    Konami’s put out a press release – in German on WiiTower – confirming attendance at GameCOM in Cologne next year and thanking Games Convention for, you know, being good and stuff. “Konami says ‘Thanks, Leipzig’ for the many great years and such a positive time,” said Konami marketing boss Martin Schneider. “We look back on […]

    12 years ago