Martin Hollis

Keita Takahashi, Martin Hollis and more providing titles for Game City 8

An incredible line up of indie talent will provide entertainment during Game City 8.

7 years ago

Martin Hollis headlines

  • Goldeneye 64 was nearly on rails, lacked multiplayer

    In a GDC Europe post-mortem of N64 classic Goldeneye 007, as reported by IGN, director Martin Hollis revealed a troubled development history for the system-seller. Highlights include the team building an on-rails shooter because it didn’t know what kind of controller the then-new console would have, and chucking the famous multiplayer in at the last […]

    8 years ago
  • Hollis: Nintendo needs to bring more attention to DSiWare and WiiWare offerings

    Former Rare man and current Zoonami CEO Martin Hollis believes Nintendo could do more to promote its DSiWare and WiiWare services.

    9 years ago
  • GoldenEye designer would love to see the game on Virtual Console

    Martin Hollis has said that he would love to see GoldenEye land on Wii’s Virtual Console. Speaking with Official Nintendo Magazine, the designer said that because of legal issues, the classic N64 shooter may never be released through the download service. “There’s always someone with some exclusivity agreement, so there’s lots of lawyers,” he said. […]

    11 years ago