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  • Rockstar launching new GTA IV campaign for autumn and Christmas

    In Take-Two’s third-quarter earnings call last night, CEO Ben Feder said that Rockstar is planning a new Christmas push for GTA IV. “Rockstar is launching a new marketing and PR campaign which will start in the fall and extend into the Holiday season,” said the exec. “Also as a must-have game for all fans of […]

  • MI6: "The latest and greatest in games marketing"

    Only you know if this appeals to you. We’re not going to judge. Head over to Gamercyte for a write up of an MI6 session on games marketing, including “Andrew Sheppard of Outspark, publisher of Fiesta and Secret of the Solstice; Min Kim of Nexon, publisher of Maple Story; Daniel James of Three Rings, publisher […]

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