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  • Mark Jacobs bids adieu to fans and Mythic

    Mark Jacobs has written a farewell of sorts to fans and former colleagues via his blog, Games are a Niche Market. The former head of Mythic explains his departure and talks a bit about the changes at the company he co-founded with Rob Denton. “Early in May, Electronic Arts let me know that they wanted […]

  • Mythic staffers "shocked" at Jacobs' departure

    Mythic staff are apparently reeling from the news that company boss Mark Jacobs has left the building. “People are shocked and in disbelief about Mark leaving,” a former employee told Massively. “But they’re also excited to be working with BioWare. I can’t even fathom Mark leaving a company he loved so much, it was his […]

  • Mark Jacobs leaves Mythic, Muzyka takes on new EA MMO/RPG group

    Warhammer Online developer Mythic’s confirmed that well-known studio head Mark Jacobs has left his role. EA has formed a new MMO and RPG division, to be headed by BioWare boss Ray Muzyka. BioWare’s other co-founder, Greg Zeschuk, will become Group Creative Officer of the new division. “We thank Mark for his contributions at Mythic and […]

  • WAR beta set to launch in Taiwan

    Warhammer Online’s Taiwanese beta’s to go live on April 14, according to this press release. “Since day one, it’s been our goal to make the Age of Reckoning a global phenomenon,” said Mythic boss Mark Jacobs. “The closed beta in Taiwan brings more players around the world the chance to answer one very simple question: […]

  • Warhammer Online to get official forums

    Mythic’s confirmed Warhammer Online’s to get its own forum, to be run by the developer. There’s a large post from Mark Jacobs on the matter on the official site. Apparently this is the first Mythic game to get a properly hosted forum.

  • Jacobs responds to Mythic lay-off rumour, EA declines to comment

    Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has essentially confirmed the EA-owned developer has seen some lay-offs as part of the publisher’s cost-saving plan. Said the exec, speaking in a forum post on Warhammer Alliance: 1) Our CEO JR has publicly stated the need to cut costs across all of EA. This statement is old news and applies […]

  • Mythic boss welcomes TOR, respect runs deep for Bioware

    In an interview with Ten Ton Hammer, Mythic boss Mark Jacobs said that he welcomes Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO and has a profound respect for the BioWare team. “I obviously know what the title is – and have known for quite awhile,” he said (interview was conducted before Star Wars: TOR announcement. “You’ve […]

  • Mythic boss claims Warcraft copied WAR PvP changes

    Speaking with GI, Mythic boss Mark Jacobs said that the changes to player-versus-player combat in World of Warcraft are taken directly from the changes made to Warhammer Online. “You have a game that’s been out for four years, they’ve never put in world PVP like ours, they’ve never been able to level through PVP like […]

  • Warhammer Online claims 750,000 registered players

    Mythic’s just put out a press release claiming Warhammer Online now has 750,000 registered players. “Thanks to our players, the war between the Realms continues to escalate at an incredible pace,” said company boss Mark Jacobs. “The battlefields are alive with three quarters of a million players fighting for the forces of Order and Destruction […]

  • Half a million players sign up for WAR

    Mythic’s confirmed that more than 500,000 players have created WAR accounts, and is claiming the MMO to be the fastest growing in history. “In just one week we have a half a million people playing WAR online, and the ranks of Order and Destruction are growing at a record-breaking pace for a new MMORPG,” said […]

  • Jacobs: WAR's the game we wanted to make

    More Mark Jacobs this morning, this time from an interview with WAR isn’t the game EA wanted to make, apparently: it’s Mythic’s. “In the end we got to make the game that we wanted,” he said. “Not that game that EA wanted, not the game that Blizzard wanted, it’s the game that we wanted. […]

  • WAR master Mark: We're not scared of WoW

    Mythic head Mark Jacobs isn’t frightened of anything. No sir. And World or Warcraft definitely doesn’t bring on the sweats. “We’re not saying we’re going to beat [Blizzard], but we’re not afraid of them,” Jacobs told Gamasutra. “We have our own hook; that’s [realm versus realm combat], and we’re pushing it and we’re pushing it, […]

  • Cut Warhammer Online content to return for free

    Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has confirmed that content cut from the launch of Warhammer Online – namely character classes and capital cities – is to be reintroduced at a later date as part of the subscription charge. “Are we going to put [the pulled content] in a paid expansion? No,” Jacobs told 1UP. “What I’ve […]

  • Mythic: Why you should play WAR instead of WoW

    Undecided? Mythic boss Mark Jacobs isn’t. Warhammer Online has now launched and he reckons World of Warcraft players should try it. Here’s why, courtesy of MTV: If you’re looking for the best RvR [Realm vs. Realm] in any online game, you come to “Warhammer.” This is what we do well. This is the most core […]

  • Jacobs: "I look at Ensemble closing as being a terrible thing"

    Speaking to Gamespot, Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has said he sees the recent Ensemble closure as a “terrible thing,” but that his studio has been careful to guard against “mistakes.” “I look at Ensemble closing as being a terrible thing,” he said. “I love their games. But it should be no more of a message, […]

  • Mark Jacobs: Of course EA knows about launching MMOs

    Following a comment yesterday from WAR creative director Paul Barnett regarding EA knowing “nothing about launching MMOs in Europe,” Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has clarified the situation by calling Barnett “sarcastic” and “irreverent.” “Well first you’ve got to understand that Paul is Paul,” Jacobs told Eurogamer. “He’s very sarcastic. He tries to be very funny […]

  • The Burning Crusade delayed WAR, says Jacobs

    Speaking to MTV, Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has admitted that the release of WoW expansion The Burning Crusade pushed back Warhammer Online’s release thanks to its “water cooler quests. “We obviously had a major bump when ‘Burning Crusade’ came out,” he said. “When [Blizzard] released that expansion, they raised the expectations of the player; they […]

  • $1 billion to compete with WoW? "Nonsense," says Jacobs

    Mythic’s Mark Jacobs has trashed Bobby’s Kotick’s estimation that it would take $1 billion to compete with World of Warcraft, describing his posturing as “nonsense.” “When certain people throw out ridiculous numbers, you know they’re throwing out ridiculous numbers because they want to scare off competition or they want to make themselves seem invincible and […]

  • Mythic won't credit full Warhammer Online dev team

    EAs Mythic studio has said that it is unable to credit the full development team for MMO Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, writes Shacknews. “Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of people work on the game, and we thank everyone who helped us bring our Warhammer passion to life, but only current employees that have […]

  • Warhammer Online NA open beta begins September 7

    Mythic’s announced that that WAR open beta will begin in the US on September 7. “For three years we have been saying that ‘WAR is coming’ and the team has been working hard to deliver on this promise,” said company boss Mark Jacobs. “In just a few weeks, we are going to throw open our […]

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