Mark Hansen

Lego Universe MMO delayed because it will overshadow other products

Lego Universe has been delayed, and will not be released this year as expected.Lego is also unsure if the MMO will arrive in 2010.“Within the company we have made a strategic decision within LEGO to make a delay of LEGO Universe. It will not be coming out in 2009,” said business development bossman, Mark Hansen.“The […]

12 years ago

Mark Hansen headlines

  • More IPs may enter Lego MMO, but not at "first launch"

    Talking to Massively, Lego Universe project lead Mark Hansen has said that other IPs such as Indiana and Star Wars may be included in the MMO, although if anything is to happen it’ll be as an addition to the launch game.“I think that IPs would be great to see in the game,” he said. “It’s […]

    12 years ago
  • Lego Universe will use bricks as in-game currency, may come to console

    According to this Reuters article, upcoming MMO Lego Universe will use Lego bricks themselves as in-game currency and may head to consoles after an initial PC launch.“The more a child plays, they collect more coins and more bricks. The more you play, the more you get to build things,” said project head Mark William Hansen.The […]

    13 years ago
  • Lego MMO will "bring that dream alive"

    Developer Netdevil’s director of business development, Mark Hansen, has said that the core driving factor behind Lego getting into the MMO space with Lego Universe is to “bring alive” children’s Lego fantasies. That and making a metric truckload of money, obviously.“What’s really unique now is that the technology is at a level where we can […]

    13 years ago