Mario Super Sluggers

Wii price cut goes official, becomes $150 from May 15

Nintendo’s just confirmed that Wii will get a price cut in the US from May 15 to $149.99.

Mario Super Sluggers headlines

  • Rumour: Nintendo to introduce US Wii budget line alongside price-cut

    Kotaku‘s rumouring that Nintendo will introduce a new budget line of titles for Wii in the US.

  • Charles Martinet handing out "special gifts" at US Sluggers launch

    According to this Kombo story, Mario voice actor Charles Martinet will be in attendance at the launch of Mario Super Sluggers at the Nintendo World Store in Manhattan on August 24. He’ll be signing “special gifts” at the event, apparently. How can you refuse? More through the link.

  • Mario Super Slugger screens strike out

    On GameInfoWire. This is on the verge of release in Japan, but there’s still no word on a European release. Watch a lengthy trailer for the latest Mario sports shoe-in here.

  • Massive Mario Super Sluggers video released

    This actually looks brilliant. Nintendo’s put out a video of Mario Super Sluggers, the first proper trailer of the game in action, and it shows adventure elements, mini-games, power-ups and Donkey Kong throwing barrels instead of balls. It’s out at the end of June in Japan, according to the footage. After the link. Thanks, Wiifolder.

  • Nintendo Media Summit round-up

    Some of it’s been embargoed, apparently, but Cubed3 has as good a run-down of what happened today at the US Nintendo Media Summit as we’ve seen, so go have a look. It sounds like a thriller. Summary: Wii Fit WiiWare Mario Super Sluggers Boom Blox Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time According to the IGN […]

  • Mario Super Sluggers shown on Wii

    From Nintendo’s US Media Summit just now, thanks to IGN: One more piece of news: Mario Super Sluggers. Coming to America. “We think that this is going to take these three wonderful areas of Mario, baseball and the unique capabilities of the Wii remote and bring them together in an exciting experience.” NOA’s Bill Trinen […]