Mario Party DS

Nintendo drops price of DS Lite to $99.99 in the US while Mario goes red

Nintendo has dropped the suggested retail price of DS Lite to $99.99 and it has also announced that Mario games will be re-boxed for that customers can easily identify them.

9 years ago

Mario Party DS headlines

  • New orange, green DSi SKUs announced by Nintendo US, "no plans" yet for Nintendo UK

    Nintendo of America has confirmed it’s to release new green and orange-flavoured DSi SKUs in the US in time for Black Friday, but Nintendo UK has confirmed it has nothing planned for a release here yet.

    9 years ago
  • Wii Fit number one in Japan

    Media Create figures from January 14-20 show Wii Fit in the top slot in Japan, with 92,000 units sold for the week and a lifetime sales figure of almost 1.2 million. The DS version of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games came a close second for its debut week with 90,000 units sold, and […]

    12 years ago