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  • Mario Kart Wii does "OK" in Famitsu

    Famitsu’s scored Mario Kart Wii 37/40, probably crushing news for those expecting the ultimate super-40 for the cartoon racer. UK NOM scored it 94 percent, while Eurogamer’s given the only proper online score so far, as far as we’re aware, with another “good” 8/10. It’s coming out on April 27 in the US and April […]

  • First online Mario Kart Wii review published

    Eurogamer’s published what appears to be the first online review of Mario Kart Wii. The site’s given it an 8. The UK’s Nintendo Official Magazine published the first review of the racer, which got scanned earlier this week. Just goes to show.

  • Nintendo UK ready for "explosive" April

    Nintendo UK’s marketing director Dawn Paine reckons Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii are going to set Wii on course for a massive April likely to further expand the machine’s user-base. “We think Wii Fit is a very catalytic title for us and we think it is the next chapter in the true broadening of […]

  • First Mario Kart review scanned and posted on web

    Poor old magazines. There really is no keeping the good bits off the internet, is there? Hit this for the UK Nintendo Official Magazine’s review of Mario Kart Wii, the first in the world. The cartoon racer gets 94 percent. Apparently it’s a “strong contender for the best Mario Kart ever”. Also, on the subject […]

  • Mario Kart Wii for US on April 27

    Says so here. The April 27 date means the Americans are getting it 16 days later than us Europeans on April 11. Don’t you worry, though: we’ll all be driving cartoon characters around in little go-karts soon. Press release after the link.

  • Mario Kart Wii supports eight-player Battle Mode, wheel is rubbish

    So says this. The game – releasing on April 11 in Europe – supports 12 players in straight races but eight in the famed Battle Mode. A reason to be cheerful, nonetheless. Unfortunately, word is spreading from playtests that the Wii Wheel designed for use with the game is essentially rubbish. You can still play […]

  • Mario Kart Wii dated for Europe

    Says so here. The Wii racer is going to be released Europe-wide on April 11, according to that report, and will come bundled with the Wii Wheel. Click through for more information. Update : Full press release after the link. It’s going to be £40, apparently.

  • GDC: Mario Kart Wii playtests hit web

    Both Gamespot and IGN have posted extensive playtests of Mario Kart Wii today, so if you’re up for ploughing through about 20,000 words on a Nintendo racer, you’re in luck. Gamespot got very excited about the whole thing, saying it was “pleased” with the game. There’s no solid release date from either site other than […]

  • Famitsu scans show Mario Kart release date "rumour"... isn't

    Scans just popped up of the latest Famitsu, showing pretty clearly that there’s nothing rumour-like about information that surfaced overnight. As previously reported, the game will feature 12-player online support, 32 tracks (16 old and 16 new), will hit Japan on April 10 and other stuff listed here. There are plenty of new shots to […]

  • Mario Kart date "just rumour", says Nintendo

    Non-shock number two for the morning. Nintendo UK has branded the supposed April 10 release date for Mario Kart Wii as “just rumour – nothing official has been announced”. The date showed up on the net after being nicked from Famitsu overnight. Update: This doesn’t look much like rumour to us.

  • Mario Kart Wii for April 10 in Japan, says rumour

    According to this, fresh details on Mario Kart Wii are in the latest Famitsu. Don’t blame us if this is bollocks. If true, the game’s out on April 10 in Japan and will include: – Bikes in cup mode – Special actions for bikes, such as “wheelies” – 16 remakes and new courses – Wi-fi […]

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