Mari Shimazaki

Quick Shots: Soul Calibur V in-game shots and character art released

Mari Shimazaki’s character designs for Soul Calibur V characters Lexia, Ivy and Tria have been released along with a bevvy of in-game shots from the fighter. Shimazaki, works as a freelance illustrator in various fields, and previously worked for Capcom where she designed characters on Okami before transferring to Platinum Games to work as a […]

8 years ago

Mari Shimazaki headlines

  • Bayonetta designer lends talents to Soul Calibur V

    Namco Bandai has brought Mari Shimazaki on board as a guest character designer for Soul Calibur V.

    8 years ago
  • SEGA to show Bayonetta at Comic-Con with live-action model

    SEGA will be showing off Bayonetta during Comic-Con July 23-26, and producer Yusuke Hashimoto and lead character designer Mari Shimazaki will host a panel titled “The Making of Bayonetta” on July 24. That’s not all, either. A live-action model will be present and to top things off, a Bayonetta coslpay contest will be taking place. […]

    11 years ago